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AI Digital Oilfield Lab Opens

New Artificial Intelligence Industry Incubator and Digital Oilfield Lab at UH

Dane Carlson
Dane Carlson
. 1 min read

The lab, a project of the UH College of Technology and the AI Innovation Consortium (AIIC), will open later this month, focused on projects that can promote safety and efficiency by, in part, relying on machine learning and other forms of AI to reduce the human footprint in the field. The consortium is based in Louisville, Kentucky, and made up of universities including UH, Pennsylvania State University, the University of Louisville and Louisiana State University, along with a number of corporations.

From the press release:

The Artificial Intelligence Industry Incubator and Digital Oilfield Lab will be housed at the University of Houston at Sugar Land, an instructional site of the University of Houston, and is part of the College of Technology’s Advanced Technology and Innovation Laboratory.

Dane Carlson

Founder/Author of Houstartups. By day: Director of Economic Development for Galveston County. Previously: Founded, ran and sold the world's first blog network for entrepreneurs.